Donald Trump earns millions in Azerbaijan – post-Soviet state that is using torture, imprisons political opponents and forges elections

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Azerbaijan (formerly Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic) is a small, but tumultuous country located in a Central Asia, in territories formerly held by Soviet Union. It’s a poor Muslim country, with economy depending on oil production. It’s also one of the nastiest country to live in. Azerbaijani authorities have been accused of indefinite arrests, severe beatings and torture of journalists, bloggers and political opponents, and forging elections.  Even US Department of State acknowledges that situation in Azerbaijan is very bleak. It’s most dreadful region, Nakchivan, is called “Azerbaijan’s North Korea” and “laboratory of repression” by Reporters Without Borders. In a Press Freedom Index Azerbaijan ranks 160th out of an overall total of 180 nations. Azerbaijan also receives a democracy score of 6.68, on a scale from 1-7 with 7 as the worst possible.  So what Trump has to do with Azerbaijanis ruling dynasty? He’s doing money with them – and a good one at that.

Trump’s Businesses in Azerbaijan

Trump has not only business in Egypt and Turkey, other Muslim countries “mysteriously” ommited from his ban list, but he is also President of 2 companies operating in Baku, selling American properties to rich Azeris from capital city of Baku. And here is a proof: Donald Trump financial disclosure form, federal document that are required for all POTUS candidates, written in 2015, but now apparently forgotten. It’s quite a long list, counting almost 100 pages of various companies, stocks and liabilities that he owns. He is a president of “DT Marks Baku LLC” and “DT Marks Baku Managing Corp” which you can see here:

Donald Trump Azerbaijan

And there:

Donald Trump Baku

And there is also case of Trump hotel. According to Trumps financial disclosures, he personally earned at least $3 million from this hotel in Baku, though information about this property magically disappeared from his website last year.

trump tower azerbaijan

Trump Tower Baku

Despite mysterious disappearance from website, Trumps Hotel is even registered in Google Maps and you can see huge Trump sign on its roof. Splendid, eh? It serves as most luxurious building in capital of Azerbaijan – Baku, where rich families that usurped power after collapsing of Soviet Union can chill, and make their business. At the same time ordinary Azerbaijani lives in poverty, because countries riches – mostly crude oil sold to European Union – was plundered and stolen by Aliyev ruling family. Current president Ilham Aliyev is a son of former president, who inherited power from his father after forged elections.

Here’s a documentary movie on their crimes: “Filthy Rich: The Aliyev Family of Azerbaijan”.

Aliyev and Trump

Ilham Aliyev (far right) at a Black Sea Conference. He doesn’t have much friends in the world – except Irans Rouhani (far left) and Russias Putin (Center). But he is definitely getting along well with Trump, who is doing extensive business in Azerbaijan, selling American properties to rich Azeris.

I am allowing myself to post some Tweets from Azerbaijanis President official Twitter, because they are hilarious and so you could see with what kind of people we are dealing:

It won’t be exaggeration that Aliyev hates neighoburing Armenia – there is cold war and sporadic fighting between the countries. He occasionally spouts his hatred by inciting to war and abasing Armenians.

Aliyev is also a friend of Belarus’ Lukashenka – called “the last dictator of Europe”. Outside of him and Putin, he doesn’t have more friends.

Wow, have you considered submitting this to Guiness World Record Book, Mr. President? Actually, Azerbaijan economy is shrinking dramatically and in 2016 it lost almost -4,7% GDP.

There is a funny story behind elections forged in 2013. An official smartphone app accidentaly released final election results, a day before voting locations had even opened. The results showed Aliyev won with 74% votes. They later explained themselves that it was “old data” from previous “elections” held in 2008 results. Naturally,  the data released did not match winning percentages or total number of voters from 2008. You can guess who won. It’s not that funny if you live in Azerbaijan though.

I bet you see many similarities between Azerbaijani President and US President. And Donald Trump has no qualms about doing business with corrupted dictatorship – because he earns millions from this business, money that is made literally from blood and tears of Azeris. That is also a immense conflict of interests. How would he steer US – Azerbaijan relations  if he gets cash from ruling families of this country? US President making money on bloodied dictatorship state – just one year ago that would be crazy, impossible idea. And we would see many more nasty and pure evil things like this during his tragic presidency.

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