Donald Trump is President of at least 2 companies in Egypt and Turkey – Muslim country that he “mysteriously” omitted from his ban list

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Egypt is currently one of the most dangerous  country to travel, because of high possibility of terrorist attacks, and yet Donald Trump mysteriously omitted this country from his ban list. According to UK Foreign Ministry, traveling there is not advised, because it is too dangerous:

terror egypt

You can read whole advice on

So why did he omitted Egypt from Muslim travel ban?

The answer lies in his investments. I’ve checked Donald Trump financial disclosure form, federal document that are required for all POTUS candidates, written in 2015, but now apparently forgotten. It’s quite a long list, counting 92 pages of various companies and liabilities. – he would lose millions, because he owns at least 2 companies registered in US, but operating in Egypt which buys and sell properties to rich Egyptians.

Hard to believe it, right? But you can check it here:

trump egypt

And there:


And not only that – he is also an owner of Trump hotel in Turkey capital of Istanbul, built in 2011:

trump towers turkey

Interior of Trump Towers in Isanbul. Comfy, eh? You can even check its website, it is in Turkish though.

For the same reasons Turkey also isn’t listed on banned countries, despite numerous, 4 terror attacks in last year in Turkey, last one being most tragic and claiming 39 dead.

This is clearly a huge conflict of interests and Trump should close this operations before starting campaigning. I don’t even know if it is legal in America – but I know that such bullshit in Poland would be prohibited, because President or active member of Parliament can’t hold any business position and must suspend board membership and company presidency during term of office. He is in office just a few days and it seems that he already skew his policies to favor one many of his business ventures – so we can expect that he would do this in the future. Make America Great Again? More like – Make My Business Earn Again?

You can check full disclosure report here.


  1. The travel restrictions imposed by U.K. From Egypt didn’t work, just look at the recent Manchester bombing

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