Foreign Minister Waszczykowski insults Obama

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waszczykowski insults obama

Waszczykowski during his insulting interview. Bar at the bottom says that „US president won’t meet with Polish president”.

Yes, he really said that. PiS has incompetent staff when it comes to governing country, but this is something on an entirely different level. In a interview with state owned television TVP Info after being asked about why Obama don’t want to meet with President Duda during his visit in United States and suggestion that it’s related with worsening relations with United States Waszczykowski said that:

„Odeszliśmy od murzyńskości (w stosunkach z Ameryką)” – „We walked away from doing nigger politics (with America)”.

He said „murzyńskość”, that translates as „niggerity”, “negroity“, „nigger politics” or “negro mentality“, and there isn’t even such word in polish language – he invented it.

Later, he became upset and emotional that interviewer asks more about this matter and added: „Don’t lie journalists! There wasn’t any appointed meeting with Obama! There will be just curteous meeting”, which supposedly has to suffice. He also resentfuly (and also insultingly) pointed that Obama won’t meet also with president of Holland so we shouldn’t be doing such a big fuss about this.

I don’t think that this meeting would be that curteous. And just imagine amount of Poles butthurt if Obama would say that he also intends to „stop doing politics with that Pollacks” or maybe crack some Polish joke on a press conference.

So why did he do that?

It wasn’t probably intended as an insult, but still he precisely knew what he was saying. It is a retort to American senators who are as FOX News reporting are now criticise Poland over rule of law and will be meeting with a leader of the opposition. American senators are suggesting that through effectively taking over Constitutional Court by ruling party, Poland is now  “diminishing it’s democracy” and it should “recommit” to Western democratic values, instead of reverting to communist, authoritarian rule. Polish – American relations became worst in last 27 years in just a few weeks and that’s because of aggresive stance of current Polish gov’t alienating former friends.

Is Waszczykowski worst foreign minister of Poland in history? Time will tell, however this just proves that he is not the sharpest tool in the box and shouldn’t occupy this position. After all, calling relations with America governed by black president „a nigger politics” in a television interview, requires some great dose of silliness.

It hurts solid reputation of Poland in international relations and proves that he lacks wits and ability essential in diplomacy. PiS insulted already several countries including Germans, Brits, Swedes, Russians and of course Middle-Eastern Countries – now you can add America to this list. It’s really pity, because Polish-American relations were always great and now they are worst in last 25 years.

You can watch whole interview on Youtube:


  1. What a complete farce. Poland needs the US and vice versa, particularly vs. An aggressive Russia. Comments like this do nothing to aid this.

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