Poland will celebrate its anniversary by Mass, performed by infamous bishop Paetz

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Poland is very old and venerable country. Tomorrow, it will be 1050 years old, and it was founded in 14 April 966, when it’s baptism took place. It was taken by Mieszko I, resourceful slavic founder of Piast dynasty and warlord of Polanie tribe (which means „People of the plains”). Mieszko has unified Poland through conquest and diplomacy, forcing other slavic Central European tribes into submission and forging his own country. Mieszko gains gave him one of the largest countries in Europe, rivaling even Holy Roman Empire (which wasn’t actually Holy nor Roman, and it’s now Germany). It wouldn’t be much of a exaggeration, that Mieszko actually founded Sweden too, becauses his daughter was first queen of Sweden and later queen of Denmark, Norway and even England. Mieszko made extensive allies in northern Europe, and also in the south, by marrying Dobrawa, princess of Bohemia (now Czech Republic), who got him into christianity (he had 7 other concubines besides her anyway). He understood political power of this new religion, and also knew, that if he won’t abandon the old gods, his newly forged country will became target of crusades, announced by Pope against heathens such as him and his subjects.

Mieszko I - baptism of Poland

Mieszko I by Jan Matejko (XIX century) holding a sword and a cross – symbols of secular and ecclesial power

And so he asked Holy Roman Emperor Otto I to baptize him and his court. Baptism took place in Poznań, which became cradle of Poland and where first Polish cathedral was built. By adopting Christianity, Mieszko won recognition as a official state by Papacy and Holy Roman Empire. His son, Bolesław Chrobry was crowned as a first king of Poland and extended his fathers conquests, even launching invasion on England, to help in succesfuly claiming English throne for Mieszko grandson, Cnut the Great. Through clever politics, Poland became proper medieval country in just a few years after unification.

So how will Poland celebrate it’s founding?

As a part of celebrations Poland could reenact some medieval battles or maybe ancient slavic ceremony, or at least some arrange some academic conference about founding of Poland. However, nothing like this will happen. Because true overlords of Poland will not allow this. It will be strictly ecclesial celebration, despite the fact that it was matter of state.

Catholic church – true masters of Poland?

president duda kneeling before church

President Duda and PiS MEPs kneeling before their real overlords

Under influence of Polish Catholic Bishops, religious PiS government decided to celebrate this event in a sycophantic manner, by prostrating Poland before church, just like medieval kings were doing thousand years ago. No one messes with church, because in Poland which is most catholic country in the World, it holds enormous influence on election outcome and can reward it’s political followers with endorsement on sunday masses and in powerful catholic media like Radio Maryja („Radio Maria”), TV Trwam („I am enduring” TV) and „Nasz dziennik” („Our journal”) newspaper all owned by Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer – christian monastic order, but first of all, one of the most powerful media syndicates of Poland, under leadership of quite infamous priest-businessman, antisemite and millionaire Tadeusz Rydzyk, called “Emperor” in his unauthorized biography. According to “Wprost”, he is 87. on a yearly list of 100 richest Poles, with his personal wealth worth at least 240 mln PLN (about 56 million euros or 64 million dollars).

rydzyk powerful person in Poland

Most powerful person in Poland – Tadeusz Rydzyk in Sejm with PiS MEPs

As you can see, there is real money to be made too from this Christian enterprise and Polish politicians can return the favor of election endorsement in hard cash. PiS is especially fond of Rydzyk and they are doing this through enacting various laws favoring the Church or simply by giving subsidies amounting to milions of PLN yearly. This form of corruption is now so widespread in Poland that no one cares and Poles get used to it, just like when Ministry of Culture is announcing that it’s giving 4 millions Złoty (~ 1 mln Dollars) to one temple “for acousting equipment”.

Celebrations will take place in cathedral of Poznań, where Sejm will be blessed by bishops and after that, general mass will take place on city stadium. Celebrations will end there by performing „Jesus Christ Superstar” rock opera, which has nothing to do with baptism of Poland, but who cares?

And there’s also some minor problem, but it doesn’t seem to bother pious politicians attending this performance: mass will be concelebrated by archbishop Paetz – most famous Polish sex molester, removed from it’s holy duties by Vatican in 2002. Paetz, now 81, was accused of molesting young clerics, but bishops are so insolent, that right now they don’t care and are just exerting their power showing how much force they have. Paetz sex scandal was even mentioned in this year Oscar winning movie for best picture – „Spotlight”, about journalists investigating church molestation.

Paetz was accused of molesting young clerics, and one of them got into mental hospital. He liked young priests, bought them gifts, gave them money and invited to private dinner. After a few rounds of good wine straight from Vatican cellars, he made advances, kissed them and even had sex with poor boys. He even confessed love to one of them. Everyone knew that Paetz was gay, and once he went overboard with his molestation, Vatican special committee was sent to Poznań to investigate this matter. After interviewing priests and discovering that Paetz is in fact homosexual pervert, Pope John Paul II relieved him from duties, banned him from preaching and sending him into retirement. It was largest church sex scandal in history of Poland.


Archbishop Paetz – most famous Polish priest sex molester

Despite Vatican ban, Paetz has already confirmed that he will be concelebrating mass, after being asked if it’s true: „Why not, after all, I’m here at home, and not as a guest.”, refering to time he spent as a bishop of Poznań.

So what went wrong? From baptism performed by Holy Roman Emperor who honored Mieszko I state, to parody of mass performed by molester homopriest. Where is your pride now, Poland?

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