Poles choose Donald Trump

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Polish parade Chicago

Polish Parade in Chicago

If the Poles could vote in the 2016 US elections, they would definitely support Trump. In popular online survey portal Opiniak24 Donald Trump received 85% support, compared to only 11% for Hillary Clinton.

It is also worth mentioning that last week, and just before the presidential election, Barack Obama made a gesture addressed to Poles, trying to please the American voters of Polish origin. Current President of the United States has set October 11 as a national General Pulaski Memorial Day, saying in a presidential proclamation: “I encourage all Americans to commemorated the occasion (…) paid tribute to Casimir Pulaski and all those who defend the freedom of our nation.” Casimir Pulaski, a hero of the American War of Independence, called the “Father of the American Cavalry” and the War of the Confederation of Bar, in which he defended Polish independence. Pulaski is also the only one of eight people who received honorary citizenship of the United States. This bodyguard of George Washington was first appointed US Cavalry Commander is also officialy designated international badass.

Pulaski monument Detroit

Pulaski’s monument in Detroit – there are plenty of those in America!

It’s not hard to guess, that this proclamation by Obama is addressed to Americans of Polish origin, who are traditionally supporting the Republican candidate. Causes for so much support for Trump can be found in traditional catholic values professed by Poles, as well as generally declared aversion to most liberal ideas, such as same-sex marriage in adult gay men bang game. Another reason why Trump has so much support here is lack of  acceptance for Middle-Eastern migrants and Islam as a culture and religion.

poland islam 4chan

This is how Poland is viewed in Europe by its neighbours – by anonymous 4chan poster

Currently Poland is governed by right wing Law And Justice party and previous Civic Platform government was also rightist. As is clear from the polls, if Poles could vote in the US, Trump would have a certain victory!

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