Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs claim that he met with leaders of San Escobar – country that doesn’t exist

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Witold Waszczykowski, Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs said that yesterday, boasted to the media that he spoke in New York his counterpart from San Escobar. This meeting would have decided on the choice of the place of Poland as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. The problem is that such country doesn’t even exist.

Polish Internet users have ruthlessly exploited this blunder and created a lot of content ridiculing Foreign Affair Minister such as this:

San Escobar Poland

Caption: “I have established trade relations with Narnia. Middleearth will be next!”

san escobar waszczykowski

Caption:”Mister President (reffering to Kaczyński as a party president), if people get mad, I’ll arrange you an asylum in San Escobar!”

Some user even created now fake profile on Twitter for “Country of San Escobar” and you can see current jokes on it in #SanEscobar hashtag.

san escobar Twitter

Note, that the literal translation of the Spanish version of the San Escobar’s tweet is: “San Escobar fully supports Poland as candidate for the dick of the security council” (thanks /u/MontgomeryPython!)

This is not the first time Waszczykowski has said some odd things in his commentaries. Previously,  he insulted Barack Obama, calling to “stop doing nigger politics with America” – but apparently, this doesn’t hurt his political career. One thing is sure – he might not be the smartest Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs in history, but for sure he is the funniest!

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