Polish Space Agency embezzled its budget of 10 million PLN

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Polish Space Agency embezzled its budget of 10 million PLN

Poland really can’t into space. In a manner typical for Polish state-owned institution and agencies, Polska Agencja Kosmiczna (Polish Space Agency) has embezzled 10 million PLN (about 2,5 mln USD), according to national NIK (Supreme Audit Office), government institution responsible for performing audits of public finance spending.

According to NIK, half of this budget was spent for paying salaries to its employees. 0,2 mln was spent on airline tickets, without using Public Procurement Act laws, and thus unlawfully. 0,35 mln was spent as a fees for “consulting”, though no one knows what kind of consulting was it, because there is no account of this work and apparently, unnamed “experts” got this money only from being “ready to consult”.

Polish Space Agency has 17 statutory tasks, but only 1 of those has been reported as completed. As usual, most likely no one will be held responsible for embezzlement and in worst case management responsible will be silently shuffled to another state owned Polish agency.

There’s Polish saying for those “Teraz kurwa my” (“Now it’s our Fucking Turn”), first time used by current acting Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczynski, which means that with each change in government, public agencies and state-owned companies replace entire staff with new loyal winner party members, and their families. They are almost always incompetent and unscrupulous, and final product of this governance is money waste and corruption such as this.

Source: Radio ZET

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