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“Induce racial and social conflict in USA, using Afro-American racists. Ukraine is not a country and will be annexed. Turkey will become an enemy of Russia. England – must be cut off from Europe.

Alexander Dugin

Alexander Dugin

Alexander Dugin is currently the main ideologue of Russia, a follower of the idea of Pan-Slavism, whose thick, 600-page book, “The Principles of Geopolitics” is a textbook at the military Voroshilov General Staff Academy in Moscow (think West Point for Russian generals).  Each Russian generals must attend this prestigious two-year military college. In this textbook Dugin presented his detailed plans for the expansion of Russia to allow this country to regain superpower status. The book was written nearly 20 years ago, and the Russian authorities have already implemented almost a whole plan contained in it. For this reason, the author predicted very accurately what is happening in the world today and what we can expect in 2017. Neither American nor European analysts did not understand so well the situation in the region and did not foresee what Dugin has written in his worrisome book. Therefore, almost 20 years after the publication and with situation at hand, it is now worth to look closely to see how many of these predictions were true, and how many goals Russia has achieved in that time. And here are main Russian geopolitcs principles that were written in 1997 and came true today:

  • “In the US, induce racial and conflict social conflict by means of Afro-American racists and leftists movement” – racial riots in America pursued by movements such as Black Lives Matter efficiently divided the country and caused casualties on every side. Renewal of the old movements, such as Black Panthers, destabilized America and divided its people as never before. Recent presidential election, won by Republicans were dominated by a topics completely different than previous one. War on terror, healthcare, education, unemployment – these topics were almost absent from speeches of both Clinton and Trump. Instead candidates were talking mainly about equality, feminism, immigration, minority matters. These are important matters too, but not as much as economy and actual country managment. Discussion weres sucessfuly diverted to less important topics and as we can see today, with quite successful Russian influence.

Anti-police riots of Black Lives Matter

Anti-police riots of Black Lives Matter movement

  • “Ukraine is not a country, and will be annexed” – Dugin is the great enemy of Ukraine, and he says that “It’s not the actual state, therefore ther is no Ukrainian cultural heritage, and no such thing as Ukrainin ethnic group.” From this point of view, Ukraine is a Russian-Polish state, must be dismantled and its land distributed to those countries. In 2014, Dugin advised Putin invasion and occupation of Ukraine to incorporate it into Russia. In 2015, actual invasion to Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk by Russia was commenced, and it ended in complete military success – Ukrainian army was shattered within 4 weeks.

ukraine war 2016

Ukrainian tanks deploying to counterattack, 2016

  • “England must be cut off from Europe” – Brexit, also supported by Putin became a fact in 2016. Englishmen are now shocked and do not know how it happened. Especially young people were vulnerable to propaganda, who voted for leaving the European Union and became manipulated. Surprise even amongst UK politicians were so big, that to this day, 6 months aftere referendum, negotiations with the EU on Brexit didn’t even started, because no one in England knows where to begin. Propaganda, especially the Internet has proven to be very effective and has led to ultimate achievement of this goal. Dugin wanted to remove Britain from Europe, because he believes that UK is a constant ally of the Americans, belongs to “Atlantic culture” and by weakening British influence in the European Union Russian influence in Europe will be strengthened.

brexit rally

Brexit Rally, 2016

  • Turkey will become an enemy of Russia, which is why it needs to be internally weakened by ethnic conflict, by supporting the Kurds and other groups” – an incident in 2016 which Turkey shot down Russian fighters, killing two pilots has become a hotbed of very serious conflict between the two countries, and led to riots in Moscow and Ankara. Dugin believes that Turkey is a natural rival of Russia and the only way to deal with it is to support the Kurds. To this day Kurdish problem is not solved, while Kurd militants are supported from many sides – including Russians.

Murder of Russian ambassador by Turkish policemen

Murder of Russian ambassador by Turkish policemen

And what has not came true (yet)?

Russia still uses the tools of propaganda and military strength to make projection of influence in neighboring countries, but it has not sufficient power to achieve all the objectives. Following plan is also proposed to strategists from Moscow, contained in the “Principles of geopolitics”, which is not completed yet, but it’s actively pursed by Russia:

  • “Dismantle China” – 20 years ago Dugin predicted, that China will be the biggest threat to Russia, so Russian needs to side with India, two Koreas and can later attach even Vietnam and Indonesia to this bloc. Each of these countries will benefit from dismantling China. In order to achieve this goal, Russia can use political influence and orchestrate separatist tendencies in China, such as in Tibet and Xinyang provinces.
  • “Poland must have a special status in the Eurasian Union” – Dugin is not an enemy of Polish state, he is even ardent supporter of Panslavism, ideology created in the nineteenth-century, according to which, Slavic countries should create cultural community and stick together. Poland should be a country between East and West, but should adhere to traditional conservative values of Russia.

Panslavism. Dark green - the southern Slavs, medium-green - eastern Slavs, and light green - Western Sl

Panslavism. Dark green – the southern Slavs, medium-green – eastern Slavs, and light green – Western Slavs.

  • “Russia-Islamic axis” – Russia should win over the Islamic states, because traditional values Russia have much in common with Islam. Islamic States could also help in the fight against the secular power of Turkey. Particularly valuable for this would be Iran, in which there is also a lot of anti-American sentiments. Putin achieved this partially by supporting Assad and even by participating in military operations in Syria. This participation actually led to current ceasefire in Syria and streghtening Russia as a political power in a Middle-East.

Staged pro-Putin rally in Syria

Staged pro-Putin rally in Syria

Today, Alexander Dugin has a ban on entry to the US, because after occupation of Crimea he was put on the blacklist of several dozen Russian high-ranking officials. And how should we assess him? Undoubtedly, it is a very intelligent man – his works, some of which were published also in English (currently excluding “Principles of Geopolitcs”) are a thorough analysis of today’s geopolitics with references to philosophers and ancient and modern thinkers such as Fukuyama, Heidegger and Mahan.

However Dugin got himself in some trouble even in Russia, after an interview for Russian paper in which he told what should be done with the Ukrainians: “Kill, kill, kill. As a professor, I have no doubt.”  10,000 students from the presitgious Lomonosov University in Moscow, signed a petition to remove him from his position of Dean of the Faculty of Sociology, because even in Russia, you can’t say such words openly. But that has not changed much in his career. Alexander Dugin publishes now more books, and is still a grey eminence in Kremlin, advising next steps to Putin.

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